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Establishing Essential Receptive Language Skills

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Family reading a book to build receptive language skills
Dad reading to his kids receptive language skills

Receptive language are how we understand language and is one of the areas of development that Speech Therapists support.

Receptive language is important since it it allows us to:

Follow directions

  • Directions may be simple or contain multiple steps such as "Put your hat in the backpack and get your shoes on"

Understand different sentence structures

  • During conversations and when reading books children are able to follow and participate. For example, "Show me all of the spotted puppies"

Participate in conversations and activities

  • It is essential to understand a variety of concepts, such as "many" vs. "few"

Answer questions

  • Questions range from simple yes/no questions to requiring critical thinking (e.g., "what do you do when you are cold?")

To learn more about what language milestones your child should be meeting and if they would benefit from speech therapy please contact us.

Other important components of communication for your child to develop include:

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