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Building Strong Social & Play Skills

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Social and play skill development in children - kids playing together
Kids playing together using social and play skills

It may look like all fun and games but play is serious work! Through play children learn about their world and develop essential social skills. Together strong play and social skills contribute to the foundation of an effective communicator.

The main components that support strong play and social skills involve:

Sharing an imagination

  • Ex. "Pretend I am giving you tea and it is really hot"

Turn taking and a effective working memory

  • Being able to wait while peers have a turn and remembering what to do when it is their turn again

Being flexible

  • Managing and adapting to changes

Negotiating and problem solving

  • Engaging in critical thinking and understanding other people have different thoughts

Attending to verbal and non-verbal messages

  • Ex. Understanding that a friend with an open mouth and big eyes is surprised

To learn more about appropriate play and social skills for your child and if they would benefit from speech therapy please contact us.

Other important components of communication for your child to develop include:

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