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Why are Expressive Language Skills Important?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

One of the roles of a Speech Therapist is to support the development of expressive language skills in children. These skills are an essential component of communication that allow us to:

  • Share our wants, needs and thoughts

    • Ex."I want more grapes"

  • Tell stories

    • To be effective story tellers we must provide appropriate information and they must be presented in a logical sequence

  • Participate in conversations

    • When talking we are expected to stay on topic and use full sentences

    • When our communication partner asks a question we are required to provide an appropriate answer

  • Use appropriate grammar and vocabulary

    • It is expected that as children get older their ability to use longer and more complex sentences increases. For example, "That my dog" vs. "That's my fluffy dog"

To learn more about what language milestones your child should be meeting and if they would benefit from speech therapy please contact us.

Other important components of communication for your child to develop include:

The development of expressive language skills is supported by speech therapy
Speech Therapists can help kids develop strong expressive language skills

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