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A Lot Goes into Speech Sound Development

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

A speech therapist helping a child with their speech
Speech therapists help kids develop speech skills

As children develop their speech sounds they may benefit from the support of a Speech Therapist so that they can communicate effectively.

For some children they may require support with:

Speech sound production errors

  • Ex. Child man say "tup" for "cup"

Motor planing difficulties

  • Child may have issues coordinating the muscles in their mouth to consistently produce desired words

Difficulty with volume or fluency

  • Child may speak too loudly or softly

  • Child may have involuntary repetition of sounds or words

  • Child may present with silent pauses due to inability to produce sounds

Challenges with phonological awareness (pre-literacy skills)

  • For example, which word starts with /s/ sound "star" or "park"?

If you have any concerns and are wondering if your child would benefit from speech therapy please contact us to set up a free initial consultation.

Other important components of communication for your child to develop include:

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