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When Do Babies Start Waving?

Babies generally start to wave around 9- 12 months of age. Learning to wave is an important developmental milestone for babies, and it has several benefits. Here are some reasons why learning to wave is important:

Communication: Waving is one of the first forms of communication that babies learn. It allows them to interact with others and express their emotions, such as happiness or excitement.

Socialization: Waving is a social behavior that helps babies connect with others. By waving, they can greet people and initiate social interactions.

Cognitive development: Learning to wave can also have cognitive benefits. For example, babies may start to recognize patterns in social interactions, such as waving in response to a greeting.

In summary, learning to wave is important for communication, socialization, motor skills, and cognitive development. It’s an important step in a baby’s overall development and growth.

Baby smiling
Waving is an important developmental milestone

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