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Following Direction | Milestones

Following directions is an important skill for children to develop as it helps them in various aspects of their lives such as social interactions, participating in classroom lessons and safety. Here are some general milestones for following directions:

Age 1-2 years: Children can understand simple commands such as "come here" or "give me."

Age 2-3 years: Children can follow simple two-step directions such as "pick up the toy and give it to me" or "put your shoes on and come to the door."

Age 3-4 years: Children can follow more complex two-step directions such as "go to your room and bring me the blue book" or "put the toys away and then wash your hands."

Age 4-5 years: Children can follow three-step directions such as "put on your coat, hat, and gloves" or “get an apple, put it in your lunch bag then put your lunch bag in your backpack.”

Age 5-6 years: Children can follow directions that involve problem-solving, such as "find the red ball and bring it to me, but if you can't find the red ball, bring me the blue one instead."

Children may have difficulties following directions due to various factors such as attention deficits, language or developmental delays. In such cases, it's important to provide support and seek professional help if necessary.

At True North SLP, we provide support and strategies to help your little one follow directions so they can participate in everyday routines and activities.

Kids following directions with a Speech Therapist
The ability to follow directions allows you to participate in a variety activities

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