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Serving Up Language Strategies with Pancakes

There are several fun and engaging ways to work on language skills with pancakes.

Speech therapy ideas for supporting language skills while making pancakes
The yummiest way to work on language skills...make pancakes!!

Here are a few ideas:

Pancake Vocabulary: Create a list of pancake-related vocabulary words such as batter, syrup, flip, spatula, and whisk. Have your child practice saying the words and using them in sentences.

Descriptive Language: Ask your child to describe the texture, smell, and taste of the pancakes. Encourage the use of descriptive words like fluffy, sweet, and buttery.

Following Directions: Give your child simple directions on how to make pancakes. For example, "Pour 1 cup of pancake mix into a bowl." This will help improve their listening and following directions skills.

Sequencing: Have your child practice sequencing the steps in making pancakes. This will help improve their understanding of order and the use of transitional words like "first," "next," and "finally."

Compare and Contrast: Have your child compare and contrast different types of pancakes, such as blueberry vs. chocolate chip. This will help improve their ability to identify similarities and differences.

Storytelling: Use pancakes as a story prompt. For example, ask your child to imagine a pancake that comes to life and goes on an adventure. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to tell the story.

Pronunciation: Help your child practice their pronunciation of pancake-related words. You can model correct pronunciation and have your child repeat the words back to you.

By incorporating pancakes into language learning activities, you can make learning fun and engaging for your child.

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