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Using pauses is an easy strategy for supporting your child's language development

We would all benefit from a little extra time. You can give your child more time by pausing for 5 seconds after making a comment or asking them a question.

By pausing, it allows your child to more time to process information and it provides them with an opportunity to respond using language. 

When you pause, look expectantly at your child to let them know you are interested and what they have to say is important. 

It is also beneficial to pause for 5 second when you join your child in an activity. Wait to see what they are interested in and give them an opportunity to initiate an interaction. 

Five seconds may seem like a long time but it is worth the wait. 

Follow for more speech and language development strategies.

To support language development in children use 5 second pauses
Pause for 5 seconds to allow your child to process and respond to you.

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