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Splash in to Bath Time with these Language Strategies

Bath time can be a great opportunity to build language skills in young children. Here are some tips:

Talk about what you're doing: Use bath time as a chance to narrate what you're doing as you wash your child. For example, "Now we're washing your hair with shampoo. Let's rinse it out with water. Good job!"

Use descriptive language: Use descriptive words to talk about what you and your child are doing. For example, "Let's splash the water! The bubbles are popping. Your hair is wet and shiny."

Sing songs: Singing songs during bath time can help build vocabulary and improve memory skills. You can sing nursery rhymes, children's songs, or make up your own songs about bath time.

Read books: If your child enjoys reading, you can bring some waterproof books to the bath or read a story to them before or after bath time. This can help build comprehension skills and expand their imagination.

Label body parts: Use bath time as a chance to teach your child the names of different body parts. For example, "This is your nose. Let's wash your nose?"

Remember to keep the language simple and age-appropriate for your child and have fun with the learning process!

Baby in bath working on developing language skills
Bath time is a great time to work on language skills

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